Need help with archiving


i really need help with archiving. My Goal is to archive every first day of month. I have set these rules:

Archive every 7 days
Archive for 730 days
Archive window ;1;;* (stars missing due format, but i use correct format)

My results looks like archiving every 7 days:
14.06.,21.06, 28.06

According to the documentation, both (Archive every x days & Archive window) conditions must apply. What i am doing wrong?


Please make a screenshot of the settings
Also what you want to do is unclear.

For monthly archive i set only the “archive every 30 days” settings, in the end i dont really care if that was the first of the month or not.

@uroni i think default settings for new users should incude some default archiving.
Keep max-min incremental should be reduced ( i think divid keep min by 2, that would make keep min from 30 to 15 , then use these to archive the equivalent of 15 backups (maybe 7 monthly and 7 weekly)

I want to archive every first day of month. But it seems that urbackup archives every 7 days. According documentation both conditions must apply