MySQL or Postgres instead of sqlite?

I am using urbackup since quite a while now and its internal database is growing like hell.

Since I have a big database host in my lab, I was wondering if there is a way to use one of those databases as a backend for urbackup?

No, but why would you need to? SQLite supports a database size of up to 281 terabytes, much larger than most filesystems or budgets allow.

For the easy reason of external databases. I can have the database on my central database server. Easier management / backup

Hi, I m also interested


I am also interested in this. I am tired of urbackup db being corrupted all the time, no mater the system where I have installed UrBackup.

So, for me a DB server like MariaDB/PostgreSQL would be better and way more stable…

SQLite is used in stuff like the Airbus A350 flight software. So it would be nice if you report any corruption problems? I don’t want any planes to crash. Alternatively something in you systems is broken and a different database wouldn’t help either.