Multiple Subnets

HI all,

We have multiple subnets, we want to setup a single server to handle backups from hosts in these subnets, as well as remote clients (over the internet).

I’ve got a server setup, and a client on the same subnet working perfectly.

I’m trying to setup a new client in a different subnet, which appears to need the client to be configured as an “internet” client so I can specify the address of the server (since broadcasts will not work).

My problem is, hosts in other subnets at this site can talk directly to the server via hostname and/or IP address, where as remote clients need to connect to a different hostname/IP that can be NAT’ed to the server. When I configure the server, whatever I put in the “Settings” -> “Internet” -> “Internet server name/IP” gets pushed out to the client when they connect, but it needs to be different for hosts at the local site (different subnets) vs remote clients “on the internet”.

Maybe you can setup your DNS server such that it returns a different ip from the public IP?

That was my thoughts - split DNS.

Then I saw the “extra clients” option; how does that work? I couldn’t find any docs on it. Could I use that for the clients on site?

Yes, but you have to manually enter the IPs/hostnames of the clients.

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What’s the difference between “extra” and “internet” clients then?

The server will send directed UDP pakets to every entry in the extra client section, which may help client discovery. Internet client connect from client to server.

Makes sense, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @uroni,
is this setting still in Version 2.4.13 available? I can’t locate the extra client section. Also my client is not able to locate the server on the local DNS entry urbackup.lan.
I set Settings > Server > Server URL to: http://urbackup.lan:55414
I just want to backup client located in a client VLAN to the urbackup server on the server VLAN.
For remote Backups I want to first connect via VPN.