Multiple servers, different backup content

After inputting the new server_idents.txt in the client (windows), the client can see both servers (linux) and do the backup. Can I backup different content of the client to the servers? Say one server for file backup, and the other image backup. Or one for drive C and another for drive D?

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Yes, this should be possible.

Just specify on each server wether it should do image or file backups. In the server settings there are these options:

Do not do file backups
Do not do image backups

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How did you know the client can actually see two servers now? We have one server (offsite) that uses the internet protocols/ports to backup. Then, we also have a local server. While I have added the server identity to the server_idents file on the client, Iā€™m not sure how to verify or to make the client appear.

On the server, I saw a popup " This server has discovered clients which are currently not configured to use this server. [See here for details on how this can happen.