Multiple PC backup over Internet


I have three PCs in same LAN in same location. I want to take backup of all three PCs over internet to my remote office PC that is running UrBackup server application. I am using DynDns address. So is it possible to add all all three pc for backup over internet ?

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Sure, not problem. The easiest way is to configure the server correctly (enter dyndns server name), and then download and install the client from the server (see ).

Thanks for your reply.
But The network ports at clients side 35621,35622,35623 can be forwarded to only one PC from router (Dyndns). Then how to add three PCs as internet client at remote office running UrBack up Application. I am not using any VPN services.


You only need to forward the port you configured in the internet tab. The client does not need to forward any ports.


I am facing problem in full file backup. I added backup path in clients and while starting I am getting below error:

Error opening
Creating directory “\Downloads” failed. (errorcode=2)
Backup failed