Multiple NIC on the same LAN subnet - is there a way to make it work?

Good Afternoon,

Would it be possible to point individual clients to a specific server IP address?

I have a (windoz10PRO) urbackup server with multiple network interfaces on the same subnet, multiple clients and a switch with a backplane able to support multiple interfaces at max speed simultaneously.
I would like to leverage as much as possible my network by pointing client1 to IP1 of my server, and client2 to IP2 of my server…
things I already tried:

  • modify the IP in session_indents but they seem to be overwritten by urbackup.
  • the server URL seems to apply to restore only and can not be set per clients

any ideas? or should I request this as a possible improvements?

I see no obvious way to do it using the local LAN backup methodology, but it seems to me if you set the clients to use “Internet” backup, you could point them at specific local IP addresses.

I just tried that as well… interestingly they notice that there is a local backup and don’t use the internet IP anymore… only the local server.

Firewall the UDP port for the local server, they’ll stop seeing it since the broadcasts won’t go.

in internet tab there is an option “Connect to Internet backup server if connected to local backup server”

Else yes you can use a firewall or vlan to limit the visibility of servers

Else, why simply not adding only the good sever key to the client? By default it backups only to the first server it see
To backup to 2 servers, you need to add the second key manually.

Another possibility to use the full potential is to sidestep trying to bind clients “Per NIC” and look into NIC teaming instead, I think they just turned the ability to do it natively back on in Win10… or there are third party softwares.

in this case there is only 1 urbackup server, it just has multiple NIC so there is only 1 ident key.

apparently NIC teaming looks disabled in windows 10. also my switch only supports teaming on 2 ports only at a time… in this case I have 5NICs on the server.

@orogor rogor

overall I made some progress and I can now have clients targets NICs individually on my server but it is very kludgy:

  1. defined a second IP on the same subnet on the second NIC in windows 10, for some reasons, it looks like it added the default gateway and basically looks like round-robin.
  2. on the clients I did setup firewall rules, allowing inbound traffic on tcp/udp ports 35621-35624 only from the targeted NIC from the server
  3. on the server, I had to create a static route to each client specifying the target IP interface -> this is important to force the server to use the proper interface or the packets would be lost… for example: -> primary NIC on the server, -> secondary NIC on the server, dedicated to urbackup for client -> IP of the client using dedicated NIC .9 -> IP of the client using dedicated NIC .10

this is done on the server (windows 10) by adding:
route add $destIP $NIC_IP -p
$destIP -> client IP
$NIC_IP -> IP of the server NIC to use to reach this client
-p -> make the route entry permanent on windows 10

Overall, I think it would be great if the urbackup team was opened to:

*** add support for multiple separate filesystems in parallel**
*** add support for multiple NICs in parallel**
*** add support for dedicated filesystem for the db (for instance a small spare SSD)**
*** either automatically or manually, let urbackup spread the streams to as many disks and NIC as possible**

here is my routing table in the meantime…

IPv4 Route Table

Active Routes:
Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 281 281 On-link 331 On-link 331 On-link 331 On-link 281 On-link 26 -> primary interface for default gateway On-link 281 On-link 281
:checkered_flag: On-link 51 :checkered_flag:
:checkered_flag: On-link 51 :checkered_flag: On-link 281 On-link 331 On-link 281 On-link 281 On-link 331 On-link 281 On-link 281

I’m glad you have something working, I still think I’d have firewalled the UDP broadcasts for LAN server discovery and set the clients to use internet backup to specified LAN IP myself, it looks simpler, but if it’s working it’s working. :slight_smile: