Multiple hard disks for backups

I have an external 2tb hdd where I store all my urbackup backups. The hdd has filled up and I want to add another hdd to store my future backups. How can I do that?
My backup storage path looks like this “h:\urbackup”. If I want to add “k:\urbackup” for example, how do I do it?

Did you try using a “;”? for example:


I do not know if this will work. This is how other settings are setup so if the possibility is there this is how I imagine it would work.

Ignore that previous post, I was reading through forums and someone had a similar question; Martin responded and said it currently is not possible.

Yes, you should put them into a RAID configuration.

You can change the backup path of course, but there will be a bunch of warnings about it not being to hard link files and it won’t be able to delete the old backups, but everything else should work.

Thanks for your answers. Maybe they implement that in an next release…

can you arrange a user interface that we can arrange stored backups with disks so we can decide in which disks we will put which backups? or can you show how to mirror disks

You do that through your operating system. All supported OS have ways to combine multiple physical drives into one name or letter. UrBackup does not try to duplicate features which are built into the operating system. Search the support for your system to learn how. At present UrBackup does not include support for more than one backup destination.