Multiple filesystems for backup storage

I am interested in backing up data to a collection of filesystems, so that I can avoid having to put too many disks into the same filesystem, in order to reduce failure rates and keep the backup system easy to administer. The manual says:

[quote=""]7.1.1 Backup storage path

The backup storage path is where all backup data is saved. To function properly all of this directories’ content must lie on the same file system (otherwise hard links cannot be created). How much space is available on this file system for UrBackup determines partly how many backups can be made and when UrBackup starts deleting old backups. Default: “”.[/quote]

Looking at the directory structure of the backups path it seems the first level directory structure is the target machine so I wonder if I can put symlinks at that level to store backups for specific machines on alternative filesystems. This would mean not having hard links across filesystems. Will the urbackup server code cope with this?

Another approach would be to run multiple urbackup server instances each with its own filesystem. I’m not keen on that idea as I would rather have one web interface to examine rather than many.

It handles it gracefully insofar as it warns every time hardlinking fails and then copies the files. It only tries with the most recent file so it will not hard link some files that are already on the same volume in case the most recent file with the same hash is on another volume.