Multiple Backup Databases + Locations

Investigating this solution.

Desire: Monitor + Control Each Workstation Backing Up Locally (to external or secondary drives)

What I think I read: All workstation and server backups are stored to a single location.


For most users, a single backup server accepting files from multiple clients and writing to a single, large, protected storage is what they want. In your case you seem to want each workstation to be its own server. I suggest installing both UrBackup Client and Server onto each workstation and use the email feature to notify you of exceptions. Then you can log in to the server console on the affected workstation and make changes as needed. If the workstations are on a common network, you’ll also want to block UDP port 35622 to prevent automatically adding other workstations to the single-use server on each client.

You will give up the ability to see all clients on a single screen, have to make company-wide changes to each workstation instead of modifying one default or one group, and increase the processing load on the workstation during backups, but Free/Libre software means you get to do unusual things to fit your needs. You also lose the efficiency of deduplicating files that are present on multiple clients, but you may feel the extra storage space needed is worth the cost.

Let us know how it works for you.

An excellent and informative response, Don_Wright. Thank you.

There are network bandwidth concerns here, but I don’t think they are warranted.

We will test and see. TYA

There are maximum bandwidth settings available, and internet mode is quite efficient. It may be used for local clients as well; search the forums for details.