Multiple Appliance Best Practices

I am backing up only Internet clients. My current appliance is at capacity (storage wise) so I want to add an additional appliance. I’m looking for best practices for adding an additional appliance.

Should I just create a new appliance and any new endpoints I just configure to point to the new one? If so, I assume I need to set up a different internet port for it to use since it will be on the same LAN as the original appliance. In this scenario I would just manage them completely separately and they would have no knowledge of each other (I think).

Or is there some way to add a 2nd appliance where they know about each other and somehow automatically do some sort of load balancing? I just read the whole manual posted on the Infscape website and while it seems to reference the ability to have multiple appliances, it doesn’t specifically talk about using them in this way. The only thing it directly referenced was having them replicate to each other. This is not what I’m going for because I need the 2nd one for expanded capacity, not for redundancy.

Thanks in advance for any input and recommendations!

Yeah, setup a different appliance and let it have different ports if necessary. If you setup a replication channel between them you can move clients from one appliance to another with a click. There is no automatic load balancing, though.