MSPs: Urbackup in the field

Any managed service providers using Urbackup in the field. The feature set looks suitable for disaster and recovery. I am assume people are using ig in production just wanted an MSPs take on using it with multiple clients.


I’m testing it also for MSP (only file backup, not image) and would love to hear experiences from other users.

I evaluated it. It works pretty well, but if you are going to invoice on a per GB basis, it is difficult and time consuming to get accurate numbers. This is even worse if you seed the backups from an external hard drive as those files do not show up in the statistics tab at all. This is with the caveat that I was using it on Windows Server 2012R2. I do believe those statistics are easier to get when you are on Linux.

Overall, it works really well though, as long as you are not trying to bill it out.

Sounds good. Thinking of using it for images and have another service (such as cloud berry) backup to Amazon s3.

I will be starting to use this with unraid charging a flat monthly free for file and Image backup. I plan on starting signups in a month or so. Need to figure out how to recover clients quickly if need be from a remote location.

Not to be a nervous nelly, but if you are going to extend UrBackup in any way, you may want to consider the changes coming up in 1.5.0. They are going to move to an AGPL license, and that license is a virus. It infects everything that it touches, and could leave you open for liability unless you are using it completely as delivered. Any changes or additions or interfaces have to be committed to upstream and available for download by anyone who wants them.

You can read more about the AGPL here:

With that being said, @uroni absolutely has the right to use whatever license as he sees fit, and I also understand why he chose that license. But, it is likely to scare off the MSPs as it is the most restrictive license out there.