MSP Backup Strategy

Hello, I am wanting input on the best strategy for doing backups. I am an MSP supporting many industry-specific companies… I will want to keep every file /day for a duration of 6 months or even 1 year, then archive to deep storage. I am thinking to setup such as this and wandering if there is anything I should consider.

Backup Server = Windows 10 Pro (1 x 500Gb SSD) / (Raid10 20TB, 4 x 10TB WD Red)

Full Images Backup every 180 days with no incremental Max 2 images Min 1 image
Full File Backup every 180 days with incremental Max 180 days Min 179 Days

  • Objective is to have access to every file saved per day at 6pm for the duration of 1year. (Archived Past This)

Hi @webworks, did you ever get your project going? I am using urBackup for many of my clients. I am not (yet) an MSP just an IT consultant working with and for my clients. Offsite backup is one service I do provide for them.