Moving UrBackup from a service to Docker container

Hi guys,
I have UrBackup install on my OMV4 as a service (omv-extras plugin), I want to move it into docker.
Any suggestions on how to do it without losing my configs, clients and backups?



Am not able to help on this, but just replying to get updates - as am contemplating doing this for my Linux host, but am still [too much of] a noob to know what I’m doing…at least for now…

@OnlyMe, good to know I’m not alone in this…
And just FYI, you don’t need to reply to a post to get updates on it…
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I also thought about doing this but haven’t had the time to actually try it. I would start by mounting config and Backup folders as volumes in the container and see what happens. However I always get confused with the folders since I also run a urbackup client on the same host and there are just so many urbackup folders… This is the main reason why I haven’t tried it yet however I think it would be relatively easy to figure out which folders are required.

Have you seen this?

I use UrBackup alongside OMV5. No issue. It is the only service I did not move to docker.
The plugin in OMV4 did not do anything else than installing UrBackup and setting the path.

But also nothing wrong with running UrBackup in docker.

It is actually very easy to move your docker installation from service to docker.

If you are using omv5, install docker and portainer with omv-extras. In portainer you can install the urbackup docker image as a stack by using the docker-compose.yml from Docker Hub

Before builsing the stack, change the bindmounts so that it actually corresponds with the paths were you have your data.

I.e. you will want to adjust
- /path/to/your/database/folder:/var/urbackup
- /path/to/your/backup/folder:/backups
# Uncomment the next line if you want to bind-mount the www-folder
#- /path/to/wwwfolder:/usr/share/urbackup

And then, once u open the Web-Gui adjust thr backup location to backups/. If you are having permission issues, adjust the UID and GID lines so they correspond to your settings.

Generally read the docker-compose.yml and it should all be quite self-explanatory. I migrated from urbackup as a service on fedora 27 kernel 4.18 to urbackup docker on omv5 (debian 10 / kernel 5.10)