Moving old backups to Bluray mdisc or dvd for archiving

Hi guys, I hope you are ok and with good health.

I was wondering if you have any advice on how could I move Archived information from urbackup to a Bluray Mdisc or a DVD for that matter.

Can I simply copy the urbackup structures for each workstation? I want to release some space from the harddrive.

Or do I need to some procedure first so the information is readable on the Bluray or DVD?

I hope you could advice me. I’m using windows server 2012 with NTFS partition on the urbackup directory and want to move some old workstation information to a M-Disc Bluray 100GB discs.

Does anybody had done something like this?
Thanks for your suggestions.


Why not just reduce number of backups or do full backups less often?
Urbackup will take care of freeing up the space that way.

Its more to get a permanent copy of some people who have left the company. (Some of them actually deleted their files from their laptop before return it.) I have them archived on the Urbackup file so no worries there. But I dont want that info be eventually overwritten, But if I keep it stored there marked as archived I will eventually run out of space.

So I would like to move that “dead archives” to a mdisc for a “historic archive” sort of. In case something is needed. that old info is not necesary to be on an active hard drive.

Thats why I would like to move that info to another place.

From the client machine, right click tray icon > Access/restore backups, select a backup, pick download as zip, store the zip file, delete the client. you have a nice zip archive you can store (or extract) anywhere, & deleting the client frees space because all associated backups get removed.

That’s a good idea BB, but with clients in 10 locations it’s not practical for me.