Moving backup folder

I want to use a separate HHD (/dev/sdb) for my backups.

Unfortunately it automounted and Ubuntu created a VHD mount point for my folder. So backups have started in /urbackup in a location on /dev/sda.

I have set the backup folder setting to /urbackupx – which does not exist, preventing any additional backups for the time being.

What I want to do is get the mounting issue sorted out and mount /dev/sdb as /urbackup2 – then move all the files from /urbackup to /urbackup2 and finally reset the backup folder setting from /urbackupx to /urbackup2

Will that work, assuming I mind the permissions?

UrBackup doesn’t really mind where you put it, as long as you tell it where to put it.

As far as your previous backups before this, (personally) it would be better to just keep them separate and let your new mount fill. (In my experience, the database doesn’t like starting with a ‘used’ folder - i.e. one with backups moved into it.)

So I finally got all the changes made and let things run over the weekend.

All of the image backups worked fine, but the file backups all failed with code: 2 – cannot create directory.

But the backup directory exists and urbackup was able to put the images into it. I wonder if having the two folders located on different drives, one ext2 and the other btrfs is causing the difficulty. I found this in the manual:

"8.1.1 Backup storage path

The backup storage path is where all backup data is saved. To function properly all of this directories’ content must lie on the same file system (otherwise hard links cannot be created). How much space is available on this file system for UrBackup determines partly how many backups can be made and when UrBackup starts deleting old backups. Default: “”.

Sorry for the late reply.

Would virtual sub clients be what you are looking for?
Make two sub clients: Client1 for Drive1; Client2 for Drive2.

Never used subs before, but I believe you can make them work like that.