Moving a single image backup to a different server

I’ve recently taken over management of a URBackup system that has multiple servers in multiple locations. I’d like to perform a test restore of an image backup that exists on a production server in one location, to a test machine using a test server in a different location. Is it possible to move a single image backup from one server to another server to perform this restore? I don’t want to move all the data from one server to another, only a single image backup from a single machine. TIA

Does any have any idea how I can accomplish this or some close to this? Maybe even an offline restore?

If your on about moving the UrBackup server data, likely not… you can move the whole server (technically) and then delete all the other data, although we have never had this work.

We have tested restores and they do work (even to different hardware)

no. i don’t wanna move the whole server. I’m trying to do some forensic style work. One of the servers in the organization contains an image backup of a machine, and I need to perform the restore on another machine from another part of the organization, not in the same geographical area (completely different network segment). It would be nice if I could copy an image backup to a different UrBackup server, in my area, that i could perform the restore on. Or perform some sort of offline restore that’s run from an attached external drive. I can’t afford to destroy the UrBackup server that already exists on this network segment just for this work.

Use console command “urbackupsrv decompress-file -f Image.vhdz” to get disc image in vhd format. Copy it to new location then vhd to disc.

This one should still work (also with vhdx):

Work on making the restore CD search local disks for such images and then “run” the commands would be welcome :slight_smile:

If you have incremental images (you’d need the whole incremental backup chain), it might better to use the image assembly: UrBackup - Server administration manual , though that is a bit hit or miss.

Thanks. I was able to successfully copy the image backup files from the server to a USB drive, then perform an offline restore from the command line using the instructions in the link above. It worked!
It would be nice if the GUI included an option to perform this kind of restore, performing these steps in the background.