Moved form URBackup on Open Media Vault 3 to UR Backup in a docker on OMV 6

I’ve had URBackup running on an old Open Media Vault 3 system for years. I recently rebuilt that with Open Media Vault 6 and am trying to get UR Backup functioning in a docker.

I don’t know ANYTHIGN about docker, or Linux, but managed to get UR backup installed and running, but now I need to setup the “Backup storage path:”, and I’m not sure where to point it. I used the location on the OMV server /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-539ae1d5-919c-4c24-96a0-105cc46b6f00 but it doesn’t like that, I assume because UR’s not on the server, its in the docker.
So how do I point to the storage from the new install of UR Backup in the docker?
Given my utter ignorance, if there’s anything else I should know of reference I should look through, I’m eager to hear about it as well!
Thanks for any input or suggestions.

If you used this docker-compose example from, then just put your server path (/srv/dev-disk-by-uuid…) instead of “/path/to/your/backup/folder”.

One thing to understand about the docker-compose files is the syntax. You have some assignments in the form “left side : right side”. The left side is the path on your host (OMV server in your case) the right side is the path inside of the container. Very often you must not change the right side, but only the left side (However there are exceptions, where you also need to change the right side)

version: '2'

    image: uroni/urbackup-server:latest
    container_name: urbackup
    restart: unless-stopped
      - PUID=1000 # Enter the UID of the user who should own the files here
      - PGID=100  # Enter the GID of the user who should own the files here
      - TZ=Europe/Berlin # Enter your timezone
      - /path/to/your/database/folder:/var/urbackup
      - /path/to/your/backup/folder:/backups
      # Uncomment the next line if you want to bind-mount the www-folder
      #- /path/to/wwwfolder:/usr/share/urbackup
    network_mode: "host"
    # Activate the following two lines for BTRFS support
    #  - SYS_ADMIN   

BTW UrBackup is one of the few packages I run alongside OMV and not in docker. Works well.

OK, so sounds like 'step one: Learn something! :slight_smile:
I just found an article that said how to install it and did that.
Thanks for your response, I’ll see if I can’t figure out what it all means.

One last question: You say you run it along side OMV. What do you mean by that? On a different OS (windows?) or something else? I just need a URBackup server, not married to the idea of running it on OMV and not even interested in running it in docker if I don’t need to…?
Thanks again!

I run UrBackup on the same server as OMV. I just installed it with the instruction for Debian (OMV is based on Debian).

Usually it is recommended to install other packages in Docker when running OMV to avoid conflicts with ports and dependencies. But I never experienced any issues with UrBackup and OMV.

You can install UrBackup on many OS

Great info. Thanks again!