Move WIndows CBT client to different disk?

Wondering if it is possible to move the CBT client off the system disk?
I have an SSD for the system disk, and Task Manager shows urBackup as process doing most writes to it.
As, I’m sure most of you know, writes to same cell on an SSD shortens the life.

Most SSD’s these days have smarts to move the writes around.
However, Windows 10 is such a hog for disk space, I am using 78% of the drive, so inevitably the same cells will be written to many times.
My goal is to reduce writes to the SSD drive where I can to extend it’s life.

Thanks for any help.

Anybody ?

It’s probably not the CBT as the CBT does not write to disk per default (you need to explicitly configure it to use “crash-persistent mode”, then it’ll write to disk).

You can select the directory where the UrBackup client should be installed during installation.

I will check to see if “Crash-persistent” mode is set.
Don’t recall the directory option when installing the CBT client.
I will reinstall to check.