Move client from internal to external


I’m trying to move a client from internal backup to the same server but using IP connection (external) beacuse we are setting up VLANs

I have tried to add a new client with the same hostname (Name of new Internet client/client behind NAT) but got an error.
Is there a way to obtain the server password of an existing local client so I can put it in the internet configuration of the client.

Thank you


You re not very clear but maybe what you are looking for is the internet password for the client
If you go to the server web ui , select a client ,t hen go to internet tab, it s there.

Else, on the server, you can set up multiple ip (one per vlan) for the same network interface.
This will alllow you to get urbackup to work in local mode.


I’m not at the office right now but will try it tomorrow.
Having multiple IPs on separate VLans is not my favorite but will have to try it.