Mounting image not working

I’m currently using UrBackup Server v2.1.17.0 and I need to access a specifik file in one of the images, however the mounting of the image in question in the webinterface is showing nothing, is there a way I can monitor that the mounting is actually happening on the server? and/or see the progress of the mounting.

I am aware that mounting a 300GB .vhdz might take some time, but I tried mounting a different image of size 84MB and still nothing.

Nothing as in “blank screen” or as in “loading bar moves and then nothing changes”? Can you open browser console and check for errors? Did you check server log for any errors?

Nothing in the client logs or urbackup-fuse.log/urbackup.log (nothing as in nothing), this is the browser console network output during mount operation

You can run the mounting from the command line like this: UrBackup Server 2.1.6 beta

Confirmed the same problem. after image backup mounting the image does not show any files in Server 2.1.17.

Works for me

@uroni I’ll add that this functionality does not work in a Windows environment. I’ve tested it in Chrome, Firefox, and IE. Could you provide a bit more direction? Does the UrBackup need specific permissions to display the mounted image? I am attempting to install the UrBackup on a separate server to see if there is a different outcome.

Also confirmed that the “Mount Image” functionality does not work with a fresh install. I’ve tested it with three different browsers on my workstation and on the local server hosting UrBackup. Please advise.

Are you running the UrBackup server on a windows machine? Can you run the set the server logging to debug and see if it shows any missing dependencies when you try to mount the image?

Does this image mounting only work for full image backups?

I have tried mounting a full image backup and it works for me though. I am running the latest server version.

Can I mount an incremental backup using the same way though? I have tried and I had the same observations as thread starter.

Yes, mounting incremental images should work the same way as a full image.

What type of server os are you running and what is the storage type?

I have this functionality working perfectly on a number of Debian linux servers with ZFS storage pools.

I tried mounting an incremental image from a Windows machine.

After mounting, it shows nothing; the image seems to be blank with no files displayed.

It would be helpful if you look at the server log file, otherwise you are just guessing.

Yes I will do that as soon as I have the chance to work on that machine again and post the findings.


I experience a similar issue, after pressing the mount button nothing happens.
the urbackup.log has no recent entries, neither has the urbackup-fuse.log,
I can mount manually using:
“urbackup_mount_helper mount pedersenjo3 170503-1010_Image_C Image_C_170503-1010.raw” as root.and list the files in 170503-1010_Image_C_mnt. Seem the webinterface does not communicate in my situation. Tried different browers and client/non-urbackup-client. Using Ubuntu 16.04.2 Urbackup 2.1.19, latest cbt and non cbt client.
Clients are win7 and win10. Backup are only internet .raw image using btrfs.
Kind regards

Hi again, not sure if this thread is dead or solved, but if anyone come across this issue:
The only way I can make it work is using chrome in incognito mode, then it works as desired, fast and smooth.
But would be nice to figure out how to solve it though.


Hmm, not sure if it was triggered by the successfull incognito mode, but now I can mount from IE and FF as well and concurrently. Wondering if it still works tomorrow when all the mountpoints are autocleared.

Okay I managed to work on that machine again and accessed the server log file.

For my case, the incremental was unable to mount because the parent file was missing; it was not there somehow.

Problem resolved by running a full backup again and then with subsequent incrementals. Incrementals now mount correctly and I can browse its contents.

Well for whatever reason, it still works for me now, this morning mounts from yesterday was autocleared and I can mount with FF no problem for any incrementals. No new backups in the meantime. I did try update, reboot etc. before writing this and it has not been working for weeks until yesterday when I tried Chrome in cognito, but I does not make any sense. I must have overlooked something just can’t figure it out, I do not tend to be “slobby”, but anyway still works fine. Thank you for your answer.