Mounted images to VDMK for stand-alone VMware player?


I am testing UrBackup in ESX 4.0/Vsphere environment. So far, I am successfully backing up files and images for 5 virtual servers on a physical Windows 7 RAID. The file backup works great. I am also able to successfully mount the images.

Does anyone have any experience in using the images to execute in a stand-alone virtual machine such as vmware player?

I think VirtualBox and Virtual PC/HyperV can directly access VHD files. There are two problems though:

  • Windows doesn’t like being suddenly on different Hardware, so you may have to prepare the clients by installing/enabling appropriate drivers beforehand
  • Depending on what you selected on installation, Windows has a separate boot volume (“system reserved”). If this is the case UrBackup backups the system and boot volume as two separate VHD files (Image_C_… and Image_SYSVOL_…). In this case it will be currently proplematic to boot if you cannot combine them into one drive again.

Thank you for your reply! Currently get an “Error loading Operating System.”

What would the ways to combine volumes to one drive to make it bootable in Virtual PC or Virtualbox?