More client that share the total amount of quota

Hi, I was wondering if is possible have more sub clients that share the same soft quota of the main client.

I’ve more location that are making backups with urbackup on a virtual public server. Every pc is a client right now.

What I would reach is have:

Office A with a soft quota
Pc1 (use the soft quota of the Office A)
Pc2 (use the soft quota of the Office A)

Office B with a soft quota
Pc1 (use the soft quota of the Office B)
Pc2 (use the soft quota of the Office B)

In this way I can reserve more space for an Office more than for the other. I don’t want assign a fixed quota to each pc, because every pc has a different set of data to backup. I would like they use the whole quota reserved to the Office to which they belogns.


Urbackup 2.1.15 and higher allows you to set client soft quotas per group or client.

This is probably also on 2.0.X, but I am not sure.

So do you mean that if I set the quota on the group that is shared between all clients?


You can make groups in UrBackup that allow you to manage multiple clients, and group settings are almost identical to client settings.

So, if you make a group called Office A and set a client quota then any client that joins the group (that does not have the separate settings enabled) will inherit the settings of Office A - likewise for Office B.

If you move a client from Office A to Office B then it should take up Office B inheritance as well (unless separate settings are enabled).

OK so it’s not a quota sharing. I meant to model the case in which you have a group that has a max quota and each client can use the space it wants until the limit of the quota of the group. That would be more elastic in several situation.