Monitor SMART status of installed HDDs

just saw that:

This feature sounds like a nice feature for UB as well :slight_smile:

In my opinion that-s not really the task of a backup software.
Use the operation system tools therefore or a monitoring solution.
Unter linux it would be smartmontools. Which can also send you e-mails on problems.
Otherwise basically every monitoring solution I know about, also checks the smart status of HDDs.

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It does actually does do very basic monitoring via wmic diskdrive get caption,status,statusinfo /value on Windows (looks if status is not ok). But I haven’t actually seen anyone having messages from that monitoring…

But I agree with rmm, that in general a separate tool should be used (like e.g. Zabbix).

Sure, thats not the main purpose of urbackup - but a nice extra portion of info, since the client is on every relevant pc :slight_smile: