Missing images (workstations) names

Hi everyone,

First of all, let me apologise for the silly question. When I boot from the restore CD I see only one computer name, though I have few more backups (as the one I see is deleted). I did repair DB, defrag DB, server reboot etc, but still only one computer name appears on the restore screen.
My server is a front-end, indeed, Debian 7, with mounted NFS sharing to NAS4FREE.

Tried with VBox, with Citrix, with Dell notebook, the result is the same. Tried with restore CD WiP, but still no progress.

Tried with the VM powered on and off, did not make change.

Am I doing something in a wrong way.

Please, help. I really love the server and wish to make it work for us, but need to test the restoration process before putting it on production

Many thanks in advance.

Am I the only one experiencing such an issue?

I apologise. I am an idiot, both idiot and a man full of ideas. After long thinking I found out that I had a test installation of the server on a Windows VM. That explained everything. To the creator of the server, ought to say this is the best and most full of features free solution in the world. Bowl for the greatest work. I would recommend you absolutely officially.