Missing "Do backup ..." options in windows client

Hi all,

running 2 clients 2.1.16 on Windows 7, i wanted to control the default backup paths for file backup only from the servers webgui.
But i installed the clients prior before have set the default paths on the server, so they backed up a lot more than the 2 paths i wanted.
No problem i thought, just removed the client and do install it again… but after that, i’m missing in the context menu of the client those “Do backup …” options. Most of the other entries seem to be there.
I tried removing & installing several times, didnt help.

So, what is the proper way to do kinda “fresh” install of the client, so that i’ve all options back on right clicking the mouse ?
Edit registry, reboots between remove and install, delete client and/or backups on the server (would’n like that, but if there’s no other way…) ?

Please help,