Migrate from UrBackup to Infscape Appliance and backwards? Usecase: offsite backup

Is it possible to migrate an existing UrBackup-server including its clients to infscape appliance? Also the way backwards?

I am especially interested in the feature:

For example, the UrBackup Appliance can reliably replicate image and file backups to and from other UrBackup Appliances

Does this feature also take care of incremantal backups, deduplication between multiple clients and btrfs subvolumes? Or does the appliance even use btrfs if it is offered?
Would you recommend setting up MinIO instead?

It’s currently not possible.

It does deduplicate files when replicating (and it does use btrfs internally to do that).

If you think you are able to set that up in a way that scales… A proper object store like Ceph is certainly better. And you can’t selectively store data there. Or, as said, another appliance (using the cached RAID as storage) as replication target.

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