Migrate client settings to new PC


Could not easily find an answer on the forum/web.

How may I transfer a clients settings to a new PC easily?


I’m guessing you run windows?
So I suspect you just backup C:\Program Files\UrBackup

IIRC you only need to copy the server_idents.txt (if settings are server side) so the new client gets the same name and all.
But before that I would make sure all settings are on the server side (settings/client) and try to download a client on the server web interface on the status page, dropdown menu “download client for windows > client name” and install that on your new computer and get it to work that way instead.

I believe the files you had backups on the “old” install will not be uploaded again because they will be hashed exactly the same (except for your windows drive ofc witch will be a new install), but I could be wrong.

But I do believe all settings for the client is in C:\Program Files\UrBackup, at least I can’t find anything in AppData witch is where it probably would save extra files if there were any.