Microsoft SQL Server backup

My apologies if this has been covered somewhere (though I’ve searched everywhere and couldn’t find any reference) or is implied to be simple logic, but…

How effective is UrBackup at backing up a Microsoft SQL Server database, and what would be the best method of implementing such a backup?

Specifically, one machine on the network runs Microsoft SQL Server which is currently continuously active. Would simply relying on VSS be enough to back up a running SQL Server, should I instead rely on drive image backups, should I shut down SQL Server in order to perform a backup of the data files, should I use SQL Server’s built-in backup service and back those files up, or… ?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I would not rely on VSS. I am not sure if the client calls the SQL Server VSS writer ( I understand it is different than the regular windows VSS writer). I would set a maitenance plan in SQL Management Studio and back up the T-Logs and .BAK files.