Metered Connection awareness

It’d be incredibly useful if UrBackup was aware of metered connections instead of only distinguishing between Local Backup and Internet Backup. Users usually don’t care about traffic via DSL, while they do care about traffic through mobile networks a lot. Hence, currently we’re unable to use Internet Backup at all, which is a pitty…


It is aware of the metered property. See 8.4.1 Data usage limit estimation

…and I’ve found that if you set your wifi connection to “metered” the backups will not occur automatically.

Wish there was an “override metered mode” in Urbackup preferences because sometimes I need clients on metered connections to run the backups anyway

If you read above carefully one can hopefully see that setting this to e.g. zero would override the default behaviour where it doesn’t start backups on metered connections.

@uroni Either I’m missing something or you misunderstood what I was saying.

I looked at

I understand this is a global UrBackup database where we can list RDNS entries that all Urbackup installations will use to evaluate if the internet connection in use is known limited or unlimited.
Limited: 1GB/month
Unlimited: 1TB/month

Based on my local testing: Urbackup does look at the metered mode setting of the current wifi connection in Win10.
If it is a metered wifi connection no backup is ever run unless you run it manually run it.

I was:

  1. Asking to be able to override that (don’t see any way to do that right now)
  2. If I can override that, can I specify a custom data transfer limit/month per client.


From the link:

If the client is running on Windows 10, the client is connected via Wifi and the Wifi connection is set to be metered, the data usage limit is estimated at 1GB per month.

So set it to lower than 1GB and it will always start backups.