Meaning of HT GT PT

What do these 3 terms HT, GT, and PT mean in server log file?

I would, also, like to know the meaning of these terms in the log. Please

Example log output?

Like this

|10.05.19 10:23  |DEBUG  |HT: Linked file: "/media/BACKUP/urbackup/xxx"|
|10.05.19 10:23  |DEBUG  |GT: Loaded file "xxx"|
|10.05.19 10:23  |DEBUG  |Loading file "xxx"|
|10.05.19 10:23  |DEBUG  |PT: Hashing file "xxx"|

Just skimming through the source, it seems like these are just hardcoded shorthand identifiers so someone debugging the code can tell what it’s doing.

Loooks like HT stands for Hash Target or Hardlink Target: => #L650

GT stands for Get Target: => #L985

PT might stand for prepare table.

that’s all i got!