mDNS for service discovery

I’d love to see Urbackup support mDNS for service discovery. I asked about this a few months ago: What protocol does urbackup use for server discovery?

It looks like Urbackup does service discovery via UDP broadcasts on port 35623 (though, I can’t verify that with wireshark, I don’t see any udp traffic coming from my server at all?)

Integrating with the platforms existing mDNS provider will allow administrators to close port 35623 on their firewalls, and have better tooling with which to support server discover-ability, such as forwarders, caches, and so on.

Other notable software that use mDNS are: Google’s ChromeCast, PulseAudio, HP Printers, LiftMaster MyQ garage door openers, Vizio smart tvs, and lots of Apple products.