Maximal/Minimal number of full file backups VS. Archiving

What influence (if any) archived backup have to procedure of keeping Maximal/Minimal number of backups ?

Archived backups are not counted for the maximal/minimal number of backups settings.


We hosts some backup at aws and got basically an infinite storage drive (it s detected as a 8 exabyte drive ).
We pay for it by usage. So we need to clean the backup else the bill is infinite too :slight_smile:
This is not a problem that we get on a normal server as urbackup would use the softquota and clean at 90% or whatever
Bills are starting to get quite high, So i searched and found this thread.

Current Backup settings are :
1 incremental per day : keep 30-40 incremental
1 full per month : keep 2-12 full
archive every 1 month for 1 year
archive every 1 week for 6 months

What i wanted to achieve was to keep
last 10-20 days of incrememental
26 backup for the last archived 6 months (6full+20inc)
6 monthly full for the 6 archived backup after that

In the light of this thread, should i switch all backup to archived, even the daily, and set to keep 2-3 incremental and ful for the cases where we do a manual backup ?
Would the engine retag the backup as archived with an expiration date after i change theses settings ?
I am i completely wrong considering what i want to achieve, please suggest some settings.

Bonus : A feature request to get this more clear
A yearly calendar view in the archive page that shows a prediction of what backup you would have over the last year, accounting for the following settings :
Archived backup, keep x full, keepx inc + backup full every x , backup inc every y
Show on box per day, maybe a number in each box with number of backup that day, and maybe a different color for inc/full/archived