Hi, this software looks very promising, but it seems to be immature. Is anyone using it in a production environment?

Also, may I suggest putting more information on the web page, I’m a bit lost on how the software works. For example, with file backup, does the actual file sit on the remote linux server?

Maybe adding a how-to?

Thanks, and keep up the good work.


Naturally I’m using it, otherwise I wouldn’t have created it ;)

One important thing perhaps is, that it really only works in local networks. Setup should be quite easy once you got the server running. You really just have to select the paths you want to backup.
It implements its own file sharing protocol. This means no hussle with windows shares or other means. The files naturally are copied to the server.

When I’ve time I will create a picture or something and put it on the webpage :).

As for software quality. This is by no means a commercial grade product. I did it by myself in my own free time. I do not have a QA team.
I’m running it on a Dual Core Atom on zfs-fuse (which is not ready for production as well).
There it is (by my reconing) stable enough. I’m running it on this server in its current form since half a year(I added the webinterface since then). It has accumulated 1,5 TB of backup data, which consist of files and images of 9 different pcs. The allocated space is only ~1TB thanks to block level deduplication and compression in zfs.
I tested the image restoration on several pcs, but it will e.g. just not work if the new disk is smaller than the disk the backup was from and not give an error message(This is a case I just came up with). The images are in VHD format btw. you can convert them to any other format or open them in VirtualBox, VirtualPC, …; Use dd on a converted image to restore it etc.