Master server with multiple URBackup servers rolling up backup data

The situation is I have clients at multiple locations in various parts of the US and Canada. I need to be able to backup those clients locally to it’s location then I need to be able to, from one location, monitor all the clients’ backups using one URBackup server instance. Is this possible?

I’m also interested in this so I could have a local server on site for a client for quick backups and retrievals then let the other one sync over the internet as it can. Thought I’d seen mention somewhere that something like that was possible but not finding it now.

I kind of found what I was looking for. Using this I wrote a crude Python script to write the results to a txt file and scheduled the task to run every morning. That way I can scroll through list quickly.

import urbackup_api
import os

def checkserver():
s = open(‘servers.txt’, ‘r’)
c = open(‘status.txt’, ‘w’)
for line in’\n’):
server = urbackup_api.urbackup_server(“http://%s:55414/x” % line, “user”, “pass”)
for client in server.get_status():
c.write(“Server name:”)
c.write(“Last Backup”)


if name == ‘main’:

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this is an very promising feature.
i will check the development of this script/plugin

Would also like to see this feature added.