Mariadb 10.3 backup with urbackup

I run mariadb on ubuntu 20.04
mysql -V gives
“mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.3.25-MariaDB, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using readline 5.2”
This is the latest MariaDB version for ubuntu 20.04

On, it is clearly written that xtrabackup is not compatible with mariadb 10.3
I would like to run mariabackup instead !
Is there any dev on that topic.

I saw in /usr/local/etc/urbackup/prefilebackup, that line should be modify :
xtrabackup --backup --extra-lsndir="$MARIADB_TEMP_INCRDIR/" --incremental-basedir="$MARIADB_TEMP_INCRDIR/last" --target-d

It seems that option --extra-lsndir does not exist in mariabackup ? Same for, --compact…
Is there a workaround ?
Thanks a lot

Reading a little bit more, i went to the conclusion that this command should work :

mariabackup --backup --extra-lsndir="$MARIADB_TEMP_INCRDIR/" --incremental-basedir="$MARIADB_TEMP_INCRDIR/last" --target-d

I propose that code evolution in /usr/local/etc/urbackup/prefilebackup

if command -v mariabackup >/dev/null; then
mariabackup --backup --extra-lsndir="$MARIADB_TEMP_INCRDIR/" --incremental-basedir="$MARIADB_TEMP_INCRDIR/last" --target-dir="$MARIADB_TEMP_INCRDIR/incr_$TIMESTAMP" --user="$MARIADB_USERNAME" --password="$MARIADB_PASSWORD"
elif command -v xtrabackup >/dev/null; then
xtrabackup --backup --extra-lsndir="$MARIADB_TEMP_INCRDIR/" --incremental-basedir="$MARIADB_TEMP_INCRDIR/last" --target-dir="$MARIADB_TEMP_INCRDIR/incr_$TIMESTAMP" --user="$MARIADB_USERNAME" --password="$MARIADB_PASSWORD" $COMPACT

Scripts in /usr/local/share/urbackup/scripts should also be modified same way + “–stream=tar” to be changed into “–stream=xbstream”

Is there anyone that have tested it ?

Reviewing that MariaDB backup issue, I would be interrested in client 2.5 and server 2.5
Will they be available in stable version in a near future ?