Manually start a backup from the server

Is there a way to send a message or signal to the server to make it start a backup on a client?

I’m trying to configure 40+ computers to backup to a UrBackup server and, while tuning which directories to backup, I need to test if it is copying what I want.

Another problem I’m getting is defining which directories to backup. I don’t want to copy the whole home dir of every user on every computer. That would mean tons and tons of Tb. I just want to copy “My Documents” folder and, if I use “C:\Documents and Settings*\My Documents” all I get is an empty directory on urbackup server with the name My Documents

Thank you.

Currently it’s only possible in a very convoluted way. (You need every pw.txt from every client and then you can start a backup with the command line client).
I’ll consider adding that.

Wildcards in the backup paths aren’t currently possible as well. I’ll add that, too, though that could be a little bit more involved. Especially if one wants to get it right.

Ok, I’ll wait for those improvements then…

In any case, thank you very much for this wonderful software.

I found an easier way to solve the second problem: Inclusion patterns.

If you want to help me test if that works correctly please tell me if you are using Windows or Linux servers.

Sorry for not answering faster but I’ve had a lot of work last days.

I’m using ubuntu 64 bits server and Linux clients. Let me know if there’s something I can do to help.

Thank you.

Server with inclusion patterns is here:

And the client here:

You need to add the C:\Users path and then set the inclusion pattern to
If you have other paths you need to add them to the inclusion pattern as well. If you have e.g. D:\bla it would be

I just updated the above files because server settings did not propagate correctly to the clients (issue ).

Ok, I’l try that tonight and report back to you.