Manually deleted urbackup container but not backups

I am working on 2 different raspberry pi installations with OMV5 on raspberry pi 4b 4GB.
distracted, I confused one for an other and I deleted the manually the docker folder urbackup-db
The actual device backups are on a separate folder that is still there.
I have than deleted and deployed the same stack again.
however, the clients sees a new server now and the server does not have my client (that is normal).
how can I have the server picking up my client as before and take in charge the previews backup?
Some sort of ID?
where can I find it and how can I change it?
(Ps I know, I did a stupid thing!.. I hope I dont have to recreate the configuration)

internet research did not come up with any result to solve this issue.
Nor this forum seems to be able to help with this issue.
I know it was a stupid mistake from me…
And I guess there is no solution to re-incorporate an already exiting backup to a newly built urbackup server.
And only solution is to connect the client to the new server and re-do the backup.

By default there is an automatic copy of the configuration and backup history saved in the backup storage path. To recover a UrBackup installation, reinstall the software, stop the UrBackup server, and restore C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup (Windows) or /var/urbackup (Linux) from the urbackup folder in the storage path.

This is mentioned most often in the Testing forum for new releases, but has been discussed here frequently. A search for “reinstall UrBackup server” may be fruitful.

ok thanks. Not always easy to find the correct key words for search.

Those folders I dont have!
I run urbackup on a docker under OMV
the /var does not contain urbackup
inside the docker I cant find some hint to lead me to the backup
Additional help would be great.

since I could not find a solution to my problem, the best (but long) answer is to re-install and re-do the all backup.
The other part of my quest remain unsolved:
Once all backup (file and image) is done, and I switch to a new OS (Linux in this case), how can I restore my files from a backup?
Can I install a client on linux and read my backup done previously with a a urbackup client?
How can I have the server know that the client should be the same as before?
Please, take in consideration I run URBACKUP on a docker.
I use Portainer as UI.
Probably irrelevant… portainer and so the docker is under Open Media Vault.
Your help is much appreciate.