Manual client update on linux (CentOS & Ubuntu)

I’m using UrBackup for some time now, my setup looks like this:
Server with CentOS 7.x, UrBackup v2.1.19
Clients: Windows 2008R2 Std with client v2.1.15; CentOS 7.x with client 2.0.36
(- there is a chance of adding another Ubuntu client in the near future.)

Now. We’re behind a proxy server, so we decided to do all the necessary updates on our servers manually if possible. I was able to update both Windows client (just re-run the EXE file) and Linux server (via yum update) manually to the latest UrBackup version and they work like before, but I’m not sure how to properly update the Linux client.

What I tried is to simply run the install script again, which seems to run correctly on the client, but the overview on the server still shows the old version of the client (2.0.36) instead of the updated one (2.1.15).
At first I thought maybe it will refresh after server reboot, but it didn’t, not even after regular backup process on the client, so I’d like to know what should I try next.

I would rather stay away from restarting the Linux client, as it’s not easy to find a good reboot window, since the purpose of the computer is an application server. Of course, if that would be necessary, I can arrange it, but I would rather stay away from this.

Thanks for any advice.
Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Ok, so after running “urbackup-clientctl set-settings --version” (or similar, sorry, I typed this from memory) I was able to see that I already have the newest version installed (2.1.15) on the Linux client. Now, I just want to get this version to be displayed/acknowledged by the server.

What should be the procedure?

Thanks :slight_smile: