Managing backup starting hours

Hello, I’m back again…

I’m continuing my tests of UrBackup: I set up the first client, and these settings on the server:
General -> File backups -> Interval for incremental file backups = 24 hours
General -> File backups -> Interval for full file backups = 7 days
General -> Client -> Backup window = Mon-Fri/0-8,19-24:Sat/0-8,13-24;Sun/0-24

First problem: I was expecting to have the backup started after 19.00 yesterday, but I got a mail report at 15.41. It seems that the backup window is not taken into account…

Secondly, we would prefer to have the full backups made on Saturdays, and the incremental ones on working days (Monday to Friday) at the end of the day. To achieve so I set up these other settings in General -> Archive:

Archive every | Archive for | Archive windows | Backup type | Volume letters
6 days | 15 days | 13;;;6 | Full file backup | -
1 day | 15 days | 20;;;1,2,3,4,5 | Incremental file backup | -

Are those settings correct, or there are other options?

Thanks in advance for answering…


Here is an example for incremental backups from Monday to Friday and full backup on Saturday.
Our retention is 5days/6weeks/13Months and backups are scheduled from 22:30 the evening to 8h the next morning

Client settings :

Hope it can help you …


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Ehm… I don’t have those detailed settings on my server version (2.1.19), I can only specify a single backup window:

Are there anywhere else?


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A little update - after the last post I set the backup intervals as follows:

Backup window for incremental file backups = Mon-Fri/19-24;Tue-Sat/0-8
Backup window for full file backups = Sat/13-24;Sun/0-24;Mon/0-8

Based on the notification mails the incremental backups were correctly completed on Thursday 21/9 at 19.01, on Friday 22/9 at 19.01, and on Monday 25/9 at 19.01.
I expected a full backup on Saturday 23/9 at about 13.00 but it hasn’t been performed: is it (only) because 7 days haven’t passed since Tuesday 19/9 (date of the first full backup - even with the “wrong” settings)?

You have to set a small value in the “Interval for full file backup” field, e.g 2 days (this is what i’ve set for my backups …).
This way you’ll be sure that the full will be run every week on saturday because the “full backup window” is set on Sat/13-24;Sun/0-24;Mon/0-8, except of course if you run a full file backup manually on thursday from 13h or later …


Second update - last Saturday the full backup started… but at 19.00 instead of 13.00: I think it’s because 24 hours hadn’t passed since the last incremental backup, isn’t it?

So now I set this way the intervals for file backups: 16 hours for the incremental ones, and 2 days for the full ones, i.e. just a few hours more than the backup windows. If I understood correctly, this way the backups should start at the expected times…

When were launched the last full backup and incremental backup ?

That’s it …