Management server / Star deploment method (Local / Management system)

It would be good to be able to have “local” versions of the server running per LAN then have a management server all the data is “copied” back too. When having multiple offices its a heavy load of the internet / VPN, if it was possible to have “local” server which then looked up at a global management server which also contained a copy of the local data this would release the stress of moving all the local data live to the main server.

Other companies have done this such as Datto, however they more did this with IMAGE only data, however it worked well as it meant the local PC backed up in seconds to the local server, which then would manage the offsite copy to the management server by itself which could be done at night when the intenet was not in use… Would also be nice to be able to restore from either the management server or the local one (management would likely be out of date by about a week, depending on when it got the local data).