Manage `Internet only mode` from server


the Internet only mode is currently a switch which has to be set clientside, manually. Would be nice, to include a server pushed setting, which allows central management of this switch.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you saying the setting is not being sent to the client via the server gui? Because there is clearly a separate setting if you specify the client in the settings. Ie, I tried changing one client to “Connect as Internet/active client if connected to as local/passive client” under Internet/active client menu and that setting stayed on that client only.

I dont quite understood.

I read, that you talking about the

Setting, right? But thats not the setting I meant.
This is used if I want local net clients act as internet clients if I get it right.

But not the setting I want :slight_smile:

Is this not the behavior you want though? Force a client to run in internet mode even if its connected to lan?

@bedna I think in that case the client will still try to find a local server first, and only then after it fails it will connect in “internet mode”. You can force it to not even bother looking for a local servers, but you have to do it manually on each client AFAIK.

So I’m also interested in OP’s problem solution.

I checked some things.

The mentioned setting is called internet_connect_always. Looking at the client side, I found void InternetClient::operator()(void), which does:

  • Checking internet_only_mode (which is applied via the cmd parameter)
  • This is not enabled by default, so now the Client immediately starts to wait for local servers!
  • After timeout or finding local server, it checks again if it should connect to internet server instead.

So, I am able to say: Connect to internet even if you find a local server.

But I want to skip local lookup completely and start internet mode asap, because I know, some clients NEVER will find local servers, they’re internet only (which currently only be can enabled manually).

Looking at the code, no config option allows that currently (2.4)