Making backups with a backup server that is only switched on periodically


I have a backup server, but it is only switched on if backup needs to be made (now every night). Backups are made with rsync currently (initiative is at the backup server)
What I do is that:

  • every night, the backup server is switched on automatically.
  • backups are made of every client in the network (which are always on).
  • once the backups are finished, the backup server switches off automatically.

My question is: can I implement this scenario with backuppc?

  • can I have the backuppc server on only every now and then?
  • can the backuppc server switch off automatically once all backups are finished?



If you heva a way to schedul your backup server you are set.
You can set periods for backup (client tab)
On the main UI you have an option to poweroff once backup are finished (first tab)

Thanks for your answer.
Since I have not installed urbackup yet, does the power off happens if all backups are finished?

I never tried that option :slight_smile: , just remembered it was there