Make restore USB stick configurable via custom configration file

Is there a way to setup defaults for

  • backup server address

and optional

  • restore key
  • fixed username

When I want to restore a client, that is in another subnet than the server, the workflow is frustrating long.

  1. Bootup from stick
  2. Wait some minutes for finishing the unskipable scan to fail
  3. Select “enter server address” and enter server adress with the correct port
  4. Enter internet restore key
  5. For whatever reason wait again the same amount of time like in number 2
  6. Enter user credetials

and finally I can select what to restore.

I really would like to automate some of these steps by setting up a configuration file on the USB stick.

Making an USB restore stick for a specific computer, that does steps 1-5 automatically and the user has just to enter the login and then select what to restore would be a nice thing.

Good idea! Moved to feature requests.