Make file error on new install

I get this error while trying to install UrBackup into a Freenas Jail.

**In file included from Server.cpp:44: **
**./md5.h:149:2: error: unknown type name ‘byte’; did you mean ‘CryptoPP::byte’? **
** byte digest[CryptoPP::Weak::MD5::DIGESTSIZE]; **
** ^~~~ **
** CryptoPP::byte **
/usr/local/include/cryptopp/config.h:237:23: note: ‘CryptoPP::byte’ declared here
typedef unsigned char byte; **
** ^

Being very new to Linux/freeBSD and command line and the shell windows on jails I’m finding it impossible to find the error in whichever file it is.

Yeah, you need to replace byte with CryptoPP::byte in those files…

But simply running

pkg install urbackup-server

should also install it nowadays (guide needs update).

Thank you for that. It installed ok, but could not get to the webgui. however by entering

<kbd>/usr/local/bin/urbackupsrv run -d -g 104857600 -u root</kbd>

<kbd> </kbd>

<kbd>I could gain access. I found this nugget at </kbd>

<kbd>[]( </kbd>

Maybe that should also be included in the updated guide.

Thanks Pete