Make Backup EXE


Hey Guys,

Running Windows 10 with VS2017. I was able to get the source code to finally compile successfully but I’m not understanding how to now get it into an exe file with windows.Would I be able to get a bit of guidance I’m not sure I’m doing it correctly?I’m using the 2.3.7 server version with 2.3.4 client .

After compiling I see a few exe files such as client and server but they are only 4mb compared to the prebuilt exe that is 32Mb on UrBackup. When I run the client file exe I see a cmd prompt open for half a second and its blank then I end up getting a UrBackup client silently installed with no icon,no way to uninstall and nothing but the infos,status and access backups. When I click status it states “There was an error.Currently nothing can be backed up.”