Main Server die, now what?

The main physical server hosting Urbackup died and now I’ll need to reconfigure it and I have no backup or the backup server “shame on me”, but I do have all the backup data from the clients. The server was running on Windows Server 2012 r2 running UrBackup Server 2.0.30.

How can i create a new server and have all the clients reconnect to my new server and not have to resync all the data?

If you dont have access to the old Server you cant reuse those backups because the Database is gone (as far as i know)

You need the server ident Files to reconnect the Clients.
If you backup Windows PCs you can rollout the new and working Server Ident file (you extracted from a test client) to the specific location on the Clients. OR somehow recover the Servers own ident Files and restore it to your new Server.

Without the Database you wont be able to “remount” the Backups in the new Server.
(Which isnt that bad, as they’re VHD files which can be mounted and restored differently until new Backups exist)

Hi SPeedy,

I believe you could from the new server you configure run a backup of the data you have from the clients this would add the files and data to the new URbackup database and rehash the files. then you would have to reconfigure the clients as new clients to the URbackup server and when you run your first backups on the clients it will pick up the “identical files” already backed up and not have to transfer them again but just copying and linking them from the original data store.

new and changed files would fully transfer as their client side hashes wouldn’t be present to just update.

this would only work for file backups not Image backups

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Hey guys, it turns our @Uroni aka Martin Raiber is a genius that know idiots like me don’t backup the backup server and automatically backup the database, server ident, public and private key and all I needed to restore my server. Withing my data backup directory I was able to mount it to a new fresh server and there I was a folder name UrBackup containing the database and all files required to restore your server which I did and now all my clients are working properly.

Thank you all for your reply, very much appreciate it.

Hi SPeedY,

LOL yes didn’t think of that if your backup drive is fully intact