Mails sent as BCC

Hi there,

I have successfully set up the email integration in UrBackup, but emails are delivered as BCC rather than To.
Emails are delivered correctly, but I’d like to see the recipient (“to”).
Am I missing anything or is it supposed to be like this by default?

Thank you.

I’ve noticed the same, does anyone know how to set the reciepent in TO: instead of CCN:?

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I guess I can add it if there is only one recipient.

Adding it with multiple ones would be more difficult, because then sending them isn’t atomic anymore (since multiple different emails have to be send via server).

Why do you need the To: header?

It’s a cosmetic thing. If I’m the actual recipient, I’d like to receive emails being in TO: otherwise looks sketchy, like spam/newsletter emails that don’t show TO:

Don’t worry, I’m totally fine when only one email address is specified, it’s only me :slight_smile: