MacOS Client v2.5.16, proxy socket, connection timeout

Hello fellow urbackup users and team !

As per @Moisie suggested, I’m opening a new thread concerning a (I believe to be) macOS client issue. Here is a quote from my previous post in the “MacOs Client 2022” thread.

Hello everyone !

Today, I decided to try out the macOS beta client. We already run urbackup for windows and linux and it works like a charm !

I’m facing a weird issue tho, on mac os, after installing client and giving the server settings, looking at the log and it says:

Apache2 proxy config

ProxyPass "/socket"  "ws://localhost:55414/socket"
Trying to connect to internet server "wss://backup.url/socket"
No result when looking up hostname "wss://backup.url/socket". Err 0

I guess it’s a Mac thing… with the exact same settings it works on Linux and Windows clients. (all internet clients)

Server version: 2.5.29
Client mac version: 2.5.16
macOS version: Montery 12.6.3

Anyone has faced this issue yet?

(last quick thing, locales seems to not work since the system is in French but the client stays in English)

Kind regards,