MAC OS X file backups - files contents empty "NULL"

Hi All,

One of our MAC OS X notebooks was stolen and I’m trying to restore the data.
I backup up data to two external drives to keep one offsite for safe keeping incase.

Upon restoring the data, none of that specific user files cannot be open. All data is blank or in notepad++ “NULL”

Any ideas what I can do to perhaps fix the data?

Windows 8.1 Pro
Server: UrBackup 2.2.11
Client : Unsure, could have been 2.2.5 or one version back.

Thank you.


Previously to 2.2.4 there were an issue with sparse files and apfs (started with sierra if i am not wrong) which would have these results.

Hi Orogor,

That could’ve been it then.
No way I could recover/fix the data in a way?


I don’t think it’s possible.

You can search the forums, one other person had this issue, which led to this fix. But i don’t think there was a solution to get the files back.

You can browse the different versions of a same file in the web ui.
So for a few files maybe try to list them and see if the size was different or something.