Mac failing to complete file backup - stuck at indexing

This is on Mac High Sierra.
UrBackup Client installed with sh script created from server web interface

Checking the client log I see:

Starting scheduled full file backup…

Backing up “david” without snapshot.

Following symbolic link at “/Users/david/.wine/dosdevices/d::” to “/dev/rdisk2s1” confirms symlink backup target “.symlink_rdisk2s1” to “/dev/rdisk2s1”

Following symbolic link at “/Users/david/.wine/dosdevices/z:” to “/“ confirms symlink backup target “.symlink_” to “/“

Indexing of “david” done. 26063 filesystem lookups 0 db lookups and 0 db updates

Backing up “.symlink_rdisk2s1” without snapshot.

Backing up “.symlink_” without snapshot.

Error while getting files in folder “/dev/fd/20”. User may not have permissions to access this folder. Errno is 9

Constructing of filelist of “David - Macbook Air” failed: error - index error

Backup had an early error. Deleting partial backup.

Any config of the UrBackup client requires Mac permissions elevation (typing in login password). Is this avoidable?

Server config is:

Client config is:
2018-05-31 09_51_40-David Macbook Air - PC Support - Connected

Can you add /dev/* to the excluded files?

I’ll change it such that this happens automatically on macOS as well.


I assumed that since I only included /Users/ that it shouldn’t have been trying to backup anything other than that, didn’t know I had to explicitly exclude others.

What is the difference between “Included files (with wildcards)” and “Default directories to backup” and why is that missing on the client config?

For consistency, maybe the “Included files (with wildcards)” should be exactly the same :slight_smile:

I’ll report back if there are still errors, thanks!

As it says in the log above, it follows a wine symlink to /. Maybe you’d want to exclude only those symlinks?

Do not use Included files until you have read the manual and have understood what it is for and what it does.

Aah…that makes sense, thank you for walking thru the log logic. It’ll help for future.

I have been constantly referring back to the manual, believe me :slight_smile: There is no section in the manual defining what Included files does:

2018-06-01 10_08_37-UrBackup - Server administration manual

As a newer user, and a technical writer there are definitely some things I don’t see in the manual. Is there a mechanism for recommending updates to the manual? Thx!

Sorry, you are correct! This is indeed missing there…
Sorry, but it is in the FAQ ( ) and you get the same explanation on the web interface via clicking on the ? link.

Source code is here:

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